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License Notice

You have received a notice for your pet's Denver Animal License. Our records indicate that you recently adopted your pet and were given a temporary City and County of Denver tag. Your pet's license must be purchased within 30 days of adoption, and a current rabies vaccination is required to complete the license.

If you no longer own the pet, or you have moved outside the City and County of Denver, please contact us so that we may update our records.

To pay for your license quickly and conveniently, you may make payment online via major credit card. An online transaction fee will apply per transaction. Multiple pets can be licensed in one transaction. Any required documents may be scanned and uploaded or submitted later by fax, mail or email. The license will be issued after all required documents are received. For more information, please select from menu on the left. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please Contact Us and a Customer Service Representative will assist you.

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