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Rabies vaccination certificates are not required at this time to purchase a license. Late fees are waived on all licenses until further notice.

License in Person

Licensing Ordinance

All dogs and cats 12 weeks of age and older in the City of Kirkland, Washington must be licensed with the City.

View the complete Kirkland Municipal Code

Licensing Locations

You may license your pet in person at one of the following locations. Please bring your pet’s rabies vaccination certificate, proof of spay/neuter and proof of owner’s age if applying for the discounted rate for senior citizens.

Kirkland City Hall
123 5th Ave
Kirkland, WA 98033
Hours: Mon. – Fri., 8am to 5pm (excluding holidays)

Kirkland Justice Center
11750 NE 118th St
Kirkland, WA 98034
Hours: Mon. – Fri., 7am to 5pm (excluding holidays)

Required Paperwork

  1. A current rabies vaccination certificate is required if the rabies vaccination on file has expired. Please check your certificate for correct address and pet information.
  2. Proof of spay/neuter, such as a signed statement from a veterinarian or an invoice for services is required if the pet has been altered since the last licensing period and you are applying for the lower spayed/neutered license fee.
  3. Proof of age is required to receive the discounted fees for senior citizens age 65 and over.
  4. Proof of disability in the form of a letter from a certified health professional is required to receive the discounted fees for disabled pet owners.

Your paperwork will not be returned to you, so please retain a copy of your documents for your records.

License Fees

Standard License Fees



Unaltered Pet



Spayed/Neutered Pet



Juvenile Pet < 6 Months Old



Senior age 65 or over or Disabled Owner with spayed or neutered pet



Other Fees

Replacement Tag


Late Fee / 45-90 days


Late Fee / 90-135 days


Late Fee / >135 days


The cost for licensing unaltered or fertile pets is higher than for licensing spayed or neutered pets in order to promote sterilization and to reduce pet overpopulation.

Due Date

Payment for your license is due upon expiration of your current license. King County license tags are valid through the date of license expiration, and will be replaced automatically with a City of Kirkland license tag upon the first renewal with Kirkland. Once you receive your pet's Kirkland tag, please remove and dispose of the King County license tag.

A late fee is added to the license fee if your license is not purchased within 45 days of the license expiration date and increases at 90 days and 135 days.

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