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Tuesday, May 28th, 8am CDT: We are currently experiencing some telephone issues due to severe storms in the DFW area this morning. If your call is not answered please try again later today! Thank you.

Late fees are waived on all licenses until further notice.

Incomplete License Letter

If we were able to begin processing your license application, the notice is a single sheet of paper requesting the missing item(s). Please return the notice along with the missing item(s).

If we were not able to begin processing your license application, your entire application and payment have been returned. Please follow the instructions on the letter.

Please note that if the payment amount was incorrect, a new check must be written. The bank will not accept any altered checks, even if the alterations have been initialed. If your check was written for an incorrect amount or has been altered, please retain the incorrect check for your records, and send a new check. All other documentation should be returned to the licensing office.

If you have further questions regarding your license application, please contact us at 1-833-259-2134.

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