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License Fees

License Fees

Standard Licensing Fees 1-Year   3-Year
Unaltered Dog $10.00   $25.00
Spayed/Neutered Dog $5.00   $10.00
Service Dog NO FEE
Other Fees  
Replacement Tag $1.00

Kennel licenses and dangerous dog licenses are available only through the City of Roanoke Treasurer. Dangerous dogs are required to have a regular dog license in addition to the dangerous dog license, and the regular license may be purchased by mail or online.

The cost for licensing unaltered dogs is higher than for licensing spayed or neutered pets in order to promote sterilization and to reduce pet overpopulation.

Due Date

Payment for your license is due by January 1st. If you are licensing for the first time, you must purchase a license within 30 days of obtaining a dog over the age of 4 months or within 30 days of moving into the City of Roanoke.

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