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Data Management


PetData has developed a cutting edge, state of the art technology system that incorporates the latest software and hardware. This technology ensures that we are able to easily and accurately handle millions of animal licensing and rabies vaccination records while providing our clients with outstanding service.

We developed TAILS, our own proprietary database solution, specifically to manage all aspects of the licensing process. TAILS is constantly enhanced to maximize data accuracy and operational efficiency allowing PetData to deliver a consistent, high-quality service. Key features include:

  • Address Correction – Full support for USPS CASS address validation and NCOA update. Addresses are processed real-time during data entry to ensure accuracy of address information, and further verified against the USPS NCOA Move Database to maximize deliverability of mailings.
  • Entry Validation – TAILS performs multiple levels of consistency checks for entered and imported data, ensuring enforcement of business rules and improving overall accuracy.
  • Mailing History – Maintains a complete history of mailings sent to citizens, and provides extensive reporting on response rates which helps us to adjust mailing timetables to generate the highest rate of returns.
  • Our proprietary solution has the necessary flexibility for customization to meet the specific needs of each client while also providing a standard data architecture for all licensing data.

Data Access via PetAccess

PetData developed PetAccess™ to provide password-protected, online access to license data. There is no additional charge to our clients for PetAccess. This easy-to-use, browser-based application is secure to ensure that appropriate personnel in a municipality can access data in a timely manner. PetAccess allows staff to perform tag searches and look up licensing information by owner name, phone number, and address. Updates to the online system are made daily, and the system is available 24/7. In addition, a PetAccess login may be provided to Animal Services, Emergency Dispatch and/or other authorized departments that need immediate access to licensing information. PetAccess is an excellent way to provide a wide variety or personnel with access to licensing data via the Internet without having to access a shelter software application or to pay additional seat license fees.

Data Privacy

We at PetData consider the privacy of our clients to be of paramount importance. PetData has never sold information or data to any third-party. PetData does not use any personally identifiable data collected for any purpose other than for those purposes as required by client contracts. We do not respond to requests for information from non-client individuals or corporations, nor do we release information without the express written consent of our clients. PetData does not and will not share or sell client data with any other parties or make client data publicly available unless authorized by the client or required under a legal subpoena. All data belongs to our clients, and PetData serves only as a custodian for client-owned data. Groups or individuals requesting data should contact their City or County directly as PetData will only release data to our contracted clients.

Please Note: The final scope of services will be determined based on the needs of each municipality and may differ somewhat from the items listed here. For additional information, please complete our Request for Proposal.

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