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Reasons to Hire PetData

Founded in 1994, PetData is the only private company in the United States providing turnkey animal licensing services for municipalities. As the largest animal licensing organization in America, PetData processes over 1.7 million licenses and rabies vaccination certificates annually and administers animal licensing programs for more than 130 municipalities.

Saving Money

PetData is efficient. Our proprietary processes and flexible trained staff ensure coverage of high-volume periods. On average, for processing only, municipalities spend over seven dollars per license. This does not take into account postage or unforeseen staff overtime.

Nearly every PetData client has seen a decrease in the cost per license issued. Our clients and their citizens enjoy a higher of level of customer service, for costs below what municipalities would spend for the same level of service in-house.

Increasing Revenue

At PetData, animal licensing and registration is our passion. It is also our business. Higher license compliance means increased revenue. Our dedicated focus on animal licensing allows us to work with our clients to increase the average number of animals licensed by over 42%. Our fee structure is simple: PetData is paid per license sold, giving us tremendous motivation to increase licensing for our clients.

More Staff Time To Devote To Services

Animal licensing is a time-consuming and labor-intensive program. Many city and county agencies do not have sufficient staff to meet the needs of their residents, much less have time for a proactive animal license program. It can be difficult for an agency or municipality to allocate sufficient staff time to field thousands of phone calls related to animal licensing, process the mail, enter records in a database and issue a license tag. By hiring PetData to do all these tasks, a municipality's staff is free to provide more direct services to the community.

Predictable Program Costs

Because PetData works under contract for a specified period of time, the cost for administering an animal licensing program remains consistent over the period of the contract. There are no surprises from increased costs for supplies, benefits, or employee overtime. Hiring PetData makes it easy to prepare and adhere to a budget.

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