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About PetData

With headquarters in Dallas, Texas, PetData, Inc. provides animal licensing services for municipalities and animal welfare agencies throughout the United States. PetData has been in business since 1994 and currently administers animal licensing programs for municipalities, animal control, and humane organizations across the country. PetData has over 30 years of experience with animal licensing programs, and has processed over 34 million animal licenses and rabies vaccinations.

PetData's primary goal is to increase animal licensing compliance. We do this by combining professional customer service and up-to-date technology with our proven methods for success. As licensing increases and more revenue is generated, the greater goals of reducing animal euthanasia and resolving animal control problems can be met.

Meeting our Client's Mission

PetData has been providing animal licensing for municipalities since 1994. PetData's goals are based on the belief that a successful animal licensing program eases the burden placed on municipalities. Proper licensing results in a reduction in the number of animals entering shelters, and can help eliminate expenses that would may associated with the care, feeding, and disposition of these licensed animals. Licensing enforcement helps ensure compliance with rabies vaccination requirements, which in turn reduces the probability of an outbreak of rabies in the local animal population. PetData believes proper education on the benefits of licensing and vaccination generally promotes more responsible pet ownership, resulting in a safer, more informed community.

History of PetData®

PetData was formed within PetFind®, founded in 1993 as a division of SafetyNet, Inc., one of the country's largest driver safety monitoring companies. PetFind® was originally a 24-hour, 365-day lost and found service utilizing the toll-free number 1-800-PET-FIND. In 1994, the City of Dallas decided to privatize its animal licensing service, and PetFind® bid on the contract, and in 1995, PetFind was awarded a three-year contract. In 1997, the City of Raleigh chose to privatize its animal licensing services, and the company was awarded this contract as well. In November of 1998, SafetyNet was purchased by a competitor and PetFind was divested from SafetyNet and renamed PetData®, Inc. PetData now focuses solely on the administration of animal licensing programs.

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