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Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, PetData provides animal licensing services for municipalities and animal welfare agencies throughout the United States. At PetData, we are dedicated to providing outstanding, cost-effective service for our clients. Since 1994 we have processed over 34 million animal licenses and rabies vaccinations for more than 130 cities, counties, and animal agencies in 24 states. When you partner with PetData, you know our commitment is to your licensing program. Let us make animal licensing easy for your community!

Meeting the Mission of:

Animal Services

PetData has been providing animal licensing for municipalities for over 30 years. We understand the mission of municipal animal control and animal welfare organizations and the role animal licensing plays. PetData's goals are based on the belief that a successful animal licensing program eases the burden placed on local animal control services. Proper licensing reduces the number of animals that enter animal shelters, eliminating expenses associated with these licensed animals' care, feeding, and disposition. Enforcement of licensing ensures compliance with rabies vaccination requirements, reducing the probability of a rabies outbreak in the local animal population. Proper education on licensing and vaccination benefits promotes responsible pet ownership, resulting in a safer, more informed community.

City, County and Town Government

PetData's turnkey pet licensing services handle everything from processing mail and entering data to answering phone calls from pet owners in your community. Our service also includes online pet licensing - at no additional cost to the municipality. A thriving animal licensing program is time-consuming and labor-intensive. When you partner with PetData, we take care of all the details. Thanks to our expertise and efficient systems, we can customize a turnkey program for you that will pay for itself.

Tax Revenue Offices and Treasurers

Municipal budgets are getting tighter and tighter. Financial surprises like increased postage or increased employee overtime are hard to handle. PetData offers a stable, client-friendly fee structure. When you partner with PetData, your licensing program can also generate additional revenue as compliance increases.

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