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Common Questions

How long has PetData been providing animal licensing services?

PetData started in 1994. We currently administer animal licensing programs for over 130 municipalities throughout the U.S.

How many licenses has PetData processed?

Since our founding, PetData has processed over 34 million animal licenses and rabies vaccinations.

What does it cost to start with PetData?

There is a minimal one-time start-up fee.

Is there a monthly or annual fee?

PetData charges a fee per actual license processed. Our clients pay for results, not efforts.

What does PetData offer that software packages do not?

It is important to understand that pet licensing is not limited to data entry and software. An effective animal licensing program is about customer service. PetData responds to hundreds of thousands of phone calls and emails each year. Our personnel are trained to know our clients' ordinances and policies. We consider ourselves a partner with our clients and we are focused on providing exceptional customer service.

Will licensing compliance increase once we contract with PetData?

On average, our clients experience a 42% increase in compliance. A client's actual results can vary based on factors such as the licensing ordinance, prior services offered and veterinary community involvement.

What if our program doubles? Will the fees increase?

No. PetData charges a flat rate per license issued – whether you issue 2,000 licenses or 200,000 licenses or more.

How does PetData keep their fees so low?

Pet Licensing is our only business. We have a highly efficient process developed since 1994 that allows us to provide excellent service on a cost-effective basis.

Is PetData a sole-source vendor?

Yes, to the best of our knowledge, PetData is the only private company in the United States providing turnkey animal licensing services to municipalities. We are happy to provide a sole-source letter to prospective clients.

What does PetData provide for clients?

Each licensing program is unique. We provide a custom program for each client that builds on our proven business operations, but meets each client's specific needs. Each client receives a custom toll-free number and greeting, along with fully customized forms, online pet licensing, and a custom website.

What else is included with PetData's service?

PetData mails all notices and processes all licenses. PetData enters all vaccination and license data, and provides monthly license activity reports. In addition, we provide PetLicense online licensing, and 24/7 secure client access to data via PetAccess.

Does the client retain ownership of data?

Yes. PetData agrees that animal licensing data at all times belongs to the client and that at no point in time does PetData ever own the data.

What about data protection?

PetData backs up all databases twice during the working day. Nightly, all databases and key systems are backed up to high-capacity magnetic drives, which are set up in a 4-week rotation and stored off-site. Client data is also copied to secure cloud-based storage. This backup configuration allows for recovery of the complete licensing database even in the event of a major failure or severe damage to our facilities.

Is PetLicense PCI compliant?

As a vendor that accepts payments via credit card, PetData is vigilant when it comes to data protection. PetData does not store any personal credit card information at any time and we are in full compliance with the Payment Card Industry Security Program (PCI) as defined by Visa and MasterCard and will remain in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Security Program.

How do I get more information?

Click here to request an information packet, or click here to request a written proposal. You can also contact us at 800.738.3463 x525.

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