You chose your pet.  Or perhaps your pet chose you.  Either way, a current license helps ensure that you will never lose each other again. As a Veterinarian you are a lover of pets, an animal advocate, and an essential link in your community's licensing program. As an integral part of your animal welfare community, you take pride in reuniting pets and their owners.  On their behalf, we say 'Thank You'. Your community has plenty of priorities.  If trimming budgets and increasing revenue are on your list, let PetData handle your animal licensing services.

Welcome to PetData

You've arrived at the best-in-class provider of animal licensing services! PetData is the only company in the United States whose sole focus is pet licensing. Since 1994 we have processed over 34 million animal licenses and rabies vaccinations for over 130 cities, counties and animal agencies in 24 states. Whether you're a pet owner, veterinarian, animal agency or community that needs our services, PetData makes animal licensing easy!

Pet Licensing Information

You're involved in your community, and want the very best for your pet. Making sure your pet has a proper license - worn on his collar - is one of the best ways to help him get home if he ever gets lost. PetData makes licensing your pets fast and easy! »more

For Veterinarians

Here at PetData we're delighted to be handling your community's animal licensing services. But we can't do it without your help. That's why we've made it easier than ever to get the free licensing supplies you need - and the additional information you want. »more

For Our Clients

As the only full-service animal licensing provider in the United States, PetData values your partnership, and your commitment to providing the best animal licensing and registration service to citizens in your community. »more

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PetData's licensing service pays for itself, and our fixed fees help our clients achieve budget goals. With over 30 years providing animal licensing services, and over 34 million animal licenses and rabies vaccinations processed, PetData can be counted on to run a licensing program from start to finish. »more

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