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License Requirements

Licensing Ordinance

The Denver Revised Municipal Code requires all dogs and cats 6 months of age and older to be vaccinated against rabies. All dogs and cats are required to be licensed within 30 days of being in the City.

Pit bulls or pit bull type breeds may now be licensed under a special permit available through Denver Animal Protection! Visit for more information.

View the complete Denver Revised Municipal Code:

Denver Revised Municipal Code

Due Date

Payment for your license is due upon expiration of your pet's current license. If you are licensing for the first time, you must purchase a license within 5 days of vaccination against rabies, or within 30 days of acquiring the pet or moving into the City of Denver.

License Term

Licenses may be purchased for 1 or 3 years, with fees charged accordingly. The lifetime license is good for the life of the pet while it is in the care of the original owner.

Lifetime, senior and service licenses require free renewals to confirm owner information and update rabies vaccination information.

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